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21:32 Stan de Swart (2003)
20:48 Melanie Enamaria Marinus-Cru... (2004)
18:21 Ensger Kotterink (1994)
16:03 Hylcke de Beer (2007)
15:46 Britt van den Boom (2004)
13:29 Jylano Nahr (2001)
13:31 Nicko Kamphuis (1999)
19:14 gustav carlsson (1993)
19:25 Esther Beerling (1984)
10:48 Sander Brat (1985)

11/15 langere afstanden (7)
08/11 training hours (15)
08/11 50m Free PB's (26)
05/23 Wat heb jij op de 2km Vrijeslag? (5)
04/04 50m Free (10)
04/02 PB\'s long or short course? (2)

today's birthdays
Dieder Schuurmans (24)
Anna Celina M. Gonzalez (26)
Matthew Garrett (28)
Heath Weaver (43)


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